The first and third person

people-threeI’ve been working on finishing a story that I started writing years ago, but put aside to work on other things. I still really like it and have added around 11,000 words in the last three weeks to the 43,000 I already had. Which is great, but, this last week, it’s been feeling … wrong.

And when I read what I’ve written out loud (I so recommend this even if you’re pretty sure it makes you look crazy – just, you know, get a room) it sounds wrong.

I’m now convinced that I need to rewrite it in first person, with the main character telling the story. I have thought this before, and when I came back to it three weeks ago I thought it again. But, I told myself that I’d just finished a manuscript written in first person and I was just being a princess about changing over to third person.

Nope. I’m afraid not.

It’s already so strongly from this character’s point of view that it feels odd not to be in first person.

So, wish me luck in rewriting now, before I go any further, and tell me, have you ever had to change from 1st to 3rd or from 3rd to 1st? Ever discovered your tense was all wrong, or changed your whole manuscript’s point of view?

Go on, make me feel like this is normal, fellow writers.

Today is tomorrow’s history

oude waalToday, I’ve been putting together some notes for tomorrow’s writers’ group in the library. We’ll be talking about a writer’s online presence so, today, I’m posting to my blog so that, tomorrow, I don’t look like a hypocrite when I say you really should post regularly.

Hello future me! Hello writers’ group!

And, speaking of the future me, nearly four million people have used, so it may not be new to you, but I was intrigued to discover that you can send your future self an email. I have read old diaries and letters that I wrote years ago – so much intensity! – and I imagine this is the non-hoarder’s, paperless version.

What are the things you think you might need to remind your future self?

What are the things you wish you could tell your earlier self?

I found the link to Future Me with an amazing bunch of resources for writers on the toolkit page of Jenny Blake. Absolutely stellar stuff, including an incredible, free, 15 tab book marketing schedule. Thank you, Ms Blake, it’s very generous of you.