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Mrs WoodhouseHumanity is hard-wired for stories.
And some of us can’t stop telling them.
I started telling stories when I was a child, growing up in Brisbane, Australia.
I kept on telling them all through school and university – pouring them into the enormously fun, collective story-telling process of role-playing games.
For years, I would write pieces of stories into notebooks and tuck them away in drawers.
When I travelled, and when I lived in London, and Peterborough, and Edinburgh, and Glasgow, stories seemed to seep out of the stones, where they had accrued over time, and suggest themselves to me.
I have always loved stories, and they have shaped my life.
I chose my first undergraduate degree because I loved John Mortimer’s books about Horace Rumpole and thought that I would make an excellent barrister. Unfortunately, while there are many, many books involved in the law, they tend to be a little dry for my taste.
Becoming a librarian, though – that was a much better idea.
Now, I am surrounded by stories, and it’s my job to recommend them to others.
Now, I have the chance to meet, be inspired by, and learn from amazing authors and storytellers.
Now, I have seized the chance to do part-time hours at work, so I can spend more time writing the stories I’ve always wanted to tell.
Some people think that stories aren’t important.
I think stories are in our blood, part of who we are and what we are.
I think stories matter.

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  1. Thank you for the great writing clinic today at Robina Library. I am pleased to have found your blog but can’t find the Follow button.

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