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My first manuscript is This Unnatural Masquerade. It’s historical fiction with a dark fantasy twist:

In 1832, the new Anatomy Act promises the bodies of the poor to the surgeons. Except in Edinburgh, where the poor can expect a fate worse than dissection.

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The second manuscript in The Necromancer’s Heir trilogy is This Unnatural Affliction. Set in 1834 it takes place in the Fens near Ely, and is full of curses, hares and opium:

‘Fool that I am. It is dark, and we are in a wretched, haunted place looking for a hidden grave. But I should not expect a necromancer to be afraid of such things.’

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My contemporary YA urban fantasy, set in Edinburgh, is called Bloodbane:

‘You may not hear the singing of your blood, yet, but you shall. Witch’s get. Faery cursed. That from your mother. Of your father I know nothing.’


My fourth manuscript, Six Moons Spinning, is a fairy-tale influenced fantasy.  It’s ready for it’s final structural edit, and is full of magic, and dragons, and monsters, oh my!

The landscapes of writing - drawing inspiration from a road trip through three states and a territory in Australia.

And, just for fun, I’m working on a not-quite-contemporary story set in a small Australian town where stories about the past are revealed to be … not as true as you might think.

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